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Wellbeing & Outdoor Space

Mental Health and Wellbeing has never been so important to each and everyone of us of all ages. With such busy lifestyles, taking some time-out during the day for a breather, a lunch break, or some ‘after work’ wind down time can re-invigorate our senses and make time for calm.

What better way to improve mental health and wellbeing than to visit one of our ‘Pistachios in the Parkparks located across London, Surrey and Sussex. Our calming park areas provide tranquil spaces to sit and enjoy the scenery, to take in the atmosphere and here the sounds of nature actively going about their day.

Mental Health and Wellbeing doesn’t have to be just about time alone, it can be about spending time with friends and family at one of our Pistachios in the Park cafes. Take a stroll around the many pathways or enjoy a moment during the day for focus a bench, health and fitness or an outdoor sports game.

To get visitors thinking about ideas related to mental health and wellbeing, we have put together a list of activities which may help to find that moment of calm. Please see our mental health and wellbeing related ideas list below:

Mental Health and Wellbeing related ideas when spending time in our parks:

  1. Go for a stroll around the park
  2. Step up the exercise with a run or a cycle
  3. Spend time with friends and family
  4. Play a game
  5. Read a book
  6. Listen to a podcast
  7. Write a story or a poem
  8. Collect leaves and sticks to make a picture
  9. Paint or sketch a scene in the park
  10. Enjoy a drink, food or an ice-cream at our Pistachios in the Park cafes
  11. Try some breathing exercises and meditation

If you would like to find out more about where our parks are located across the south east, please see our individual cafe pages on our website which include full address details and google map locations.