Looking after our parks to protect wildlife

throw away rubbish protect wildlifeRespecting our eco system to protect wildlife across our counties of London, Greater London, Surrey and Sussex is something which should be continually maintained and treasured.

With the affect of waste on natural wildlife and habitats, brought about by human consumption of plastic use and other environmentally harmful materials, it is vital that as guardians of our beautiful outdoor spaces, we support and educate one another in keeping areas clean, safe, and free from rubbish.

Litter can be a real hazard to many common species of wildlife such as Hedgehogs, Shrews and Birds who come into contact with waste objects such as plastic rubbish and dis-used fishing line.

So that our eco systems can thrive, Pistachio’s in the Park whole heartedly supports environmental understanding to keep our parks clean and safe, with an aim to protect wildlife and visitors.  Rubbish is unsightly, it is courteous to clear the space for others. Whilst our park attendants are regularly on hand to tidy the grounds and empty litter bins, we kindly ask Pistachios in the Park customers and visitors to support the hard work of our local council operations, environmental groups and our Pistachios in the Park cafe teams to keep our parks clean and free from rubbish.

How to minimise waste and protect wildlife

We therefore politely ask that all our customers and visitors to our London, Surrey and Sussex parks and cafes to:

  • Take rubbish home or use the refuse facilities provide around the parks.
  • Use re-usable containers to bring food to the park where possible.
  • Wrap sandwiches in paper bags, rather than using cling film, plastic bags, or foil.
  • Recycle and re-use.

Above all we hope that you have a wonderful day out at our parks and cafes, enjoy the beautiful outdoor open spaces as much as we do and above all, protect wildlife where you can!