Our Parks

Sprawling across London, Surrey and Sussex, our parks offer perfect places of tranquillity. Each park boasts open pathways which meander through a variety of tree species and eco habitats which are home to many types of natural wildlife.

Our parks are superb places to enjoy a range of activities from walks with family, friends, or pets to more active sports like running, cycling or ball games.

If its time for wellbeing, calm and creativity that you are looking for then why not bring a book to read, take some pictures with your smartphone or make some artwork based on what you see or find in the park.

All of our parks open early until late during the British summer time, so that visitors can make the most of the daylight hours.

We take pride in the beauty of our parks and ask kindly that all of our customers and visitors look after them. You can find out more about protecting wildlife and keeping our parks clean.

Pistachios in the Park Cafes

The wide, open spaces offer delightful places to sit and take in their beauty, roll out the blanket and indulge in your own home-made picnic, or enjoy a drink and lite bite to eat from our Pistachios in the Park cafes.

Our Pistachios in the Park cafes offer both eat-in and take-away services so that visitors can order hot or cold drinks, a choice of eateries from our delicious range of home-cooked hot and cold food menu, or for a treat enjoy a yummy desert or ice-cream.

Our park locations also provide good facilities to customers, from playgrounds for the children to release their energy to monitored toilets and refuse facilities to keep our parks clean.

family walk through our parks

To really make the best of our beautiful outdoor spaces and with plenty of ‘Pistachios in the Park’, parks to choose from, visitors have a choice to appreciate a different London, Surrey, or Sussex location each week throughout the month, should they wish to do so.

To find out more about where each of our parks are situated, please visit our individual café location pages found in ‘Our Cafes’ section of our website. Here, you will find google maps for where each cafe and park is located across the south east.

We hope that you enjoy your visit!