Welcome to Pistachio’s in the Park Café Consultancy.  Whether you are an existing café owner / manager or if you are just starting out and looking to set up your very own café for the first time, here at Pistachio’s in the Park we provide all the tools to help you.

It is well known that local councils hike the prices to café owners for standard tools which are a legal requirement, including Food Standard Information, Management Tools and Full Opss Manuals.

Through our accredited provider, Pistachio’s in the Park are able to supply the same tools to cafe owners at a fraction of the cost.

Collaborating with existing cafe owners we offer a selection of tools to help you to assess and maintain an excellent standard of service, whilst to support new cafe owners we provide a range of services which aim to assist in the launch of your exciting new business from premises right through to the supply of consumables .

To find out more and to order your own cafe tool set, please download our Cafe Consultancy APP today: https://pistachiosfulloppsmanual.beezer.com or see our Cafe Consultancy Guide for more details.