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Romance is in the air for a memorable Valentine’s Day

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This year’s memorable Valentine’s Day falls on Monday the 14th February! And so, this time of year is all about the romance at Pistachio’s in the Park. Together with our dedicated café teams, we have plenty to offer to help you create a memorable Valentine’s Day

Create your own memorable Valentine’s Day by visiting our parks

To begin with, our twelve beautiful parks, located across London, Surrey and Sussex are flourishing with plants and wildlife. So, whether it’s mates dates, tinder dates or time with your long-standing partner, why not take a romantic stroll around the meandering paths or sit on a park bench and enjoy some time for a good chat and appreciate the charming natural scenery.

Back at our Pistachio’s in the Park café’s, we have plenty to delight your thirst and your taste buds too. Indulge in a coffee produced from the finest coffee beans and supplied by John Street Beverage or go all out for a hot chocolate with the trimmings. Our cafés are licensed and so for a lunch date or later in the day date, you might like to share a romantic glass of wine, a prosecco, or a cheery cocktail or two.

Finally, indulge in some delicious Pistachio’s in the Park home-made and locally sourced food. Throughout the day our London, Surrey and Sussex parks will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with tasty cakes and pastry treats, lunch time meal deals, and evening meals for two. All of our food is produced at an affordable price, so please contact individual cafes for more details. You can find out what’s on offer to celebrate your memorable Valentine’s Day, at your local Pistachio’s in the Park cafe.

Ultimately, Happy Valentine’s Day to all our customers, we hope that you have a truly special day!