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Haunting Halloween with Pistachio’s in the Park

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The month of October is one of our favourite months and most creative time of the year, here at Pistachios in the Park we love to embrace ‘Haunting Halloween’ throughout all our London, Surrey and Sussex park cafes.

The autumnal month and the Halloween festivities lends itself so much to colour and creativity both indoors and outside.

Outdoors, nature is beaming with colour, from autumnal trees to the active wildlife, busy preparing for winter hibernation. Take the kids for a walk around one of our London, Surrey, and Sussex parks to collect leaves of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Pick up interesting sticks, pinecones, and other natural materials to create a fun autumnal picture.

In the kitchen there’s so much fun baking to be done. Decorative cakes with character, fun Halloween designs and home-made pizzas in the style of scary faces. Create great activities for the kids. Alternatively, why not make a warm winter soup with seasonal vegetables, such as pumpkins, carrots and onions and add a bit of firework spice pizzazz with paprika and chilly.

Discover our tasty treats through the month of Haunting Halloween

If you’d rather be treated to some Halloween autumn food, why not pop out with friends and family for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon walk to one of our Pistachio’s in the Park cafes. Try our tasty Halloween treats with the kids and home-made winter warmer meals which will certainly be inviting after a fresh brisk October stroll around one our beautiful London, Surrey and Sussex parks.

Not forgetting they’ll be plenty on offer at Pistachio’s in the Park throughout October school half term week. Wrap up, dress up in Halloween costumes, paint your face for fun and look out for individual café information for Haunting Halloween for what’s on over the coming weeks.