Kids in the Great Outdoors

The UK weather is warming up, so make time to enjoy the great outdoors

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Hasn’t it been lovely to finally sit outside and enjoy the magnificent great outdoors with glorious sunshine and warmer weather, over these last few weeks!


Our London, Surrey and Sussex parks have provided an idyllic setting for park visitors to enjoy the early summer weather which we have all been so eagerly awaiting.


If you have not visited one of our twelve Pistachios in the Park locations yet, then what are you waiting for? June is the month to make a ‘great outdoors’ date! Take the kids out to have fun, explore the playground or meet with family friends for some tasty café food and take a stroll around one of our beautiful London, Surrey or Sussex parks.


Spending time in the great outdoors will boost your mood 


According to, spending time in green open spaces benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing. Spending time in the great outdoors can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress and anger, improves physical health, confidence and self-esteem, whilst helping you feel more relaxed.


Furthermore, our parks are perfect places for playing games, walking, jogging or cycling. They offer wide open spaces to relax and enjoy nature, plus improve your wellbeing – they offer nearly every tone of green which you can possibly think of. 


Not forgetting, our cafés too! Pop in for a ‘lite bite’ to eat, for breakfast, brunch, lunch or early evening dinner. We cater for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements and all our hot and cold food is “home-made” and locally sourced.


To find out more about where to visit our London, Surrey and Sussex cafes, please visit our website café page, here you’ll find location maps and individual café opening times. Pistachios in the Park are positive advocates to wellbeing, please visit our wellbeing page to find out more about how visiting one of our parks, could help to improve your own wellbeing.