Easter Weekend Outdoors

Happy Easter Weekend!

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Its Easter Weekend and Pistachio’s in the Park are here to celebrate the occasion with all our wonderful café customers and visitors to the park.

With the weather warming up, spring is now officially here.  The rules on lockdown are also beginning to relax with 2 families or a group of 6 now allowed to meet outdoors for the first time.  Consequently, there is no better reason to get out and about over Easter weekend and the school / college holidays.

Throughout the Easter weekend and holidays, we will have lots of food goodies on sale from our Pistachios in the Park takeaway cafes including light snacks and main meals, hot and cold drinks, cakes and ice-creams. Why not treat your family and friends to a day out in one of our twelve beautiful Surrey, Sussex or London parks, followed by some scrumptious food from a Pistachios in the Park café?

Some park cafes will be also holding Easter events throughout the weekend or why not bring your own Easter goodies and make up your own games with the children, here are some ideas:

Outdoor Easter Weekend Egg Games

  1. Egg Rolling – The day before your event, hard boil some eggs, leave them to cool and then paint them bright colours (A great Easter activity). On the day of the event, find a hill in the park and ask the kids to stand in a line. After 3, ask them to launch their eggs off down the hill from the top. The egg which reaches the furthest wins.
  2. Bunny Tag – One child is the dog and they have run and tag one of the other children who are bunnies. Once they tag a bunny, that bunny becomes the dog – A great game to burn off some energy!
  3. Find the Carrots – Hide some carrots around the park area where you are sitting and then ask the children to find them. Once they find all the carrots, they get a chocolate prize. This is a great alternative to an Easter egg hunt and should you leave one, the carrots will naturally bio-degrade.
  4. Spot the spring flowers – See how many spring flowers and their variations you can find in colour, shape and scent. Take pens and crayons to make pictures of them.

Pistachios in the Park would like to wish our customers and visitors a very, Happy Easter Weekend. Stay safe and remember to keep to the social distancing rules.