Some facts about our Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

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Marshfield Farm Packaging

All of the packaging is recyclable and Marshfield Farm continues to work closely with our packaging suppliers to ensure it is as environmentally conscious as it can be.

“We are reducing the amount of single-use plastic in our tubs. Please be assured that even though these changes cannot happen over-night, wheels are in motion. Despite a packaging delay from our suppliers, you may have already noticed our switch to paper lids and wooden spoons in our 125ml and 180ml tubs”.


Reduce your parlour waste with our Edible Eco-Tub!

  • Enjoy your ice cream
  • Peel away the wrapper
  • Recycle the paper
  • Eat the tub! If you don’t fancy a nibble, simply put your pot in the bin and it will naturally decompose – either way, this packaging won’t be around for longRead their News Post here

New Ice Cream Flavours

Under the Sea Ice Cream –
Blue raspberry flavoured ice cream with a raspberry flavoured shimmer ripple and caramel filled chocolate turtles

Jelly & Ice Cream –
Milk flavoured ice cream with a strawberry flavoured shimmer ripple and multi-coloured jelly sweets


Plant Based Mint Choc Ice Cream –
Peppermint flavoured ice cream alternative with chocolate chips and chocolate ripple

Plant Based Strawberry Ice Cream –
Strawberry ice cream alternative with strawberry fruit and strawberry ripple


Please visit our individual cafes across London, Surrey and Sussex parks to order your favourite ice cream!