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Looking after your local park and green spaces – please, please take your rubbish home!

Over recent weeks, UK residents have gratefully been given the opportunity to spend more time outdoors following the April / May lockdown period.  Furthermore, with the added bonus of the warmer weather, making plans to visit a local park, green space or even a beach has been a great tonic for everyone of all ages.  Whilst we all continue to be conscious of staying safe, it is an immense relief that at the same time we can all celebrate a real sense of freedom.  

With this in mind, this month at Pistachio’s in the Park we are urging everyone to also consciously look after their local park, green space or beach and the environment in which they choose to relax in.

During the period that we were not allowed outside for more than an hour a day, our natural habitats across the country were repairing themselves and just like us, they were enjoying their own sense of freedom. Yet sadly, numerous images have appeared across the media, where parks and green spaces have been left cluttered with rubbish from picnics and gatherings.

Therefore, we would like to encourage everyone who uses a local park, a green space, or a beach to simply take their rubbish home with them or find a bin where it can be disposed of correctly.

It is important that we remember to do this, to respect the nature and to leave these beautiful spaces as we have found them and for others to enjoy.  If we don’t look after these little pockets of paradise, then sadly they won’t continue to give us back their beauty.

Visit a cafe at your local park

Furthermore, we would like to welcome everyone to visit our Pistachio’s in the Park parks and cafes across London and Surrey.  Our 10 parks are free to visit and each offer’s their own individuality in terms of their natural space. Please stop off at our cafe take-away service to grab a drink or choose a bite to eat. Throughout our London cafes / surrey cafes we are serving hot and cold food and offer a menu range to suit all dietary requirements.

Please remember to stay safe! We look forward to seeing you soon at Pistachios in the Park and thank you kindly for your support.

Find out more about looking after local parks at: https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/environment/parks-green-spaces-and-biodiversity/parks-and-green-spaces