All our London & Surrey cafes are now closed due to Coronavirus

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Pistachio’s in the Park would like to announce that all our cafes across London and Surrey are now temporarily closed and in total lock down due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Our advice to customers and park visitors throughout this period of isolation is to stay at home.  However, you can leave the house to:

  1. Exercise once a day either alone or with family members of the household
  2. Shop for necessities and make as fewer trips as possible
  3. Make trips for medical needs or to provide for a vulnerable person
  4. Travel to work only if your work cannot be carried out at home
  5. Remember if you do go out then please keep at least 2 metres away from each other

We will announce re-opening of our café premises at a later date, when it is safe to do so.  Above all, our priority is to stay safe and help others to do the same by adhering to the above guidelines.

Many Thanks
Pistachios in the Park