Spreading some love this February across London and Surrey

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As this February marks the month of Valentines celebrations, Pistachios in the Park are spreading some love across London and Surrey with 5 reasons why we should all love our London and Surrey parks.

  1. Love nature – “Nature is good for our sense of wellbeing. It gives people a sense of purpose and understanding.” According to OneGreenPlanet.org. With over 3000 parks and green spaces across London and Surrey, we are really lucky. Surrounded by nature throughout the busy roads, taking time out of our busy schedules to reconnect with nature is extremely satisfying and not only makes us feel better about ourselves, but what better way to do it than in one of our Pistachio’s in the Park London and Surrey parks. With wide open spaces and plenty of wildlife, when sitting quietly, it’s amazing how easy it is to reconnect and notice the beautiful nature which surrounds us.
  2. Love one another – Spending a moment with a friend, relation or partner is so important. A simple activity such as walking through a park or meeting up for a coffee and spending time talking is a great tonic for lovers. According to Frodo.com – 8 Steps to Better Family Communication “Making time for one another not only helps to strengthen bonds between people but also helps us to feel more stabilised”. So spend this valentines weekend with someone you love and make the most of the time together.
  3. Love good food Our core principles at Pistachios in the Park is to support local farmers and food producers and bring our customers the very best in food quality. Our cafes offer a warm and friendly welcome for park visitors of all ages. We provide hot and cold drinks and home-made, locally sourced, hot and cold food, catering for all tastes to suit individual dietary requirements.
  4. Love exercise – Whatever your fitness level, every bit of movement count’s! Whether it’s a walk, a jog or a sprint around one of our beautiful London and Surrey parks, afterwards you will feel refreshed and invigorated. With some of our Pistachio’s in the Parks now offering monthly park run activities for all the family to get involved in and many now providing free outdoor exercise equipment there is no excuse not to love exercise.
  5. Love half term – This February is half term week for schools and colleges across the UK and if you are looking for value for money and things to do with your younger ones, then you’ve come to the right place. Many of our parks at Pistachio’s in the Park offer play apparatus for a wide range of ages, easy access pathways and parking. Plus, you are more than welcome to drop into our park cafes, some of which will be running activities throughout half term week.

For more information on any of our Pistachios in the park locations and cafés across London and Surrey, please contact London and Surrey café owners individually or see their social media pages for further details.