Helping the wildlife this winter

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November is often the first month of the autumn season in the UK calendar where we start to notice the difference as the outside temperature drops and daylight hours reduce.  Whilst we are lucky enough to turn on our heating and pop a light on or stop for a warm drink at Pistachios in the Park, take a thought for the animals who also need to keep warm through the autumn / winter seasons.

This is the time of year when animals are often preparing for hibernation in parks and gardens. This month, at Pistachio’s in the Park, we are sharing some ideas for how to look after our wildlife throughout the cold weather.

  1. Rake up leaves into piles – Piles of leaves can become warm nesting places for many types of animals, where they can nest securely and keep cosy until spring.
  2. Do not rake leaves from borders – Letting leaves cover the shrubs and borders will not only keep the earth warmer for the plants but will also help to create warm shelter for insects throughout the winter.
  3. Feed the birds – If the winter becomes harsher, then finding food in parks and gardens, can become harder for the birds. Providing seeds, nuts, fruits such as apples and pears and cheese will help them to stay healthy and nutritious and give them the energy they need to survive against the cold weather
  4. Feeding the hedgehogs – You can feed Hedgehogs scrambled eggs and tinned dog food in many meat varieties (not fish). Whilst they enjoy milk to drink, it is better to give them fresh water in a shallow bowl as milk can give young hedgehogs an upset tummy.
  5. Feeding the Squirrels – Squirrels don’t hibernate in winter, but they do store food in a variety of places should they become short. Plant pots borders and even in the grass are great storing places. Squirrels love many types of nuts as well as spinach, carrots and beans.

For more exploration on how to look after wildlife this winter, why not head out with your family and little explorers to your local London & Surrey parks to see how you can help?  Our Pistachio’s in the Park cafes are on hand to warm you up with a hot drink such as tea, coffee or a hot chocolate or a bite to eat from our locally sourced home-cooked menu.