Embracing Autumn with Pistachios in the Park

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Recognised as the ‘back to school’ month of the year, September is always a good time to re-evaluate where we’re at following the summer’s weeks of fun.

As modern people it is only natural for us to enjoy getting back into a routine and having some time for calm and to refocus.  Treating September a little like setting your January New Year’s resolutions is a great way to take control of where you’re at and what you would like to achieve over the coming months, before the winter sets in.

With just a few weeks left of the lighter nights and warmer days, Autumn is a beautiful season to rejuvenate and make the most of the daylight hours before the clocks reset for winter.

To help give you some inspiration, this month Pistachios in the Park have put together a list to get you thinking.

  1. Fitness – After all the summer fun (and extra ice cream!) re-evaluating your fitness regime and taking a new perspective on improving your activity will not only enhance how you feel, it could encourage you to make new friends and you may also lose a few pounds in the process! Joining a fitness group or going for a run or a walk in your local London / Surrey’s parks will certainly help you to feel more invigorated.
  2. Healthy Eating – The summer holidays can throw us out of routine when it comes to how we eat. Eating on the go and higher calorie foods often result in a poorer diet.  Evaluating what you are eating and when, will allow you to be a little more conscious and get back into good eating habits.  Don’t forget that Autumn is a great season for harvest and so by visiting your local farmers markets, you will not only be supporting local businesses but you can also enjoy some delicious locally grown food.  If you fancy giving yourself a treat then why not pop into one of our Pistachios in the Park cafes? All of our food is locally sourced and home cooked with a range of food choices to sort all dietary requirements.
  3. Relax – Having been on the go for the last 6 to 8 weeks with juggling work, home life and holidays, Autumn is now a wonderful season to just take a breather. One of our greatest assets here in the UK is our seasons, with Autumn being one of the most colourful.  Why not take a walk in your local London / Surrey Park to enjoy the trees changing colour and natural wildlife or stop off for a bite to eat and cup of tea or coffee at one of our Pistachios in the Park cafes.
  1. Finances – Keeping children entertained throughout the summer can be a costly exercise. Enjoying your local London / surrey park is FREE and will allow you to have a great day out without over spending.  Equally all of the above categories Fitness, Healthy Eating and Relaxing can all be enjoyed at a fairly low cost why not get out and enjoy the Autumn season.