‘Things To Do’ this August Bank Holiday in London and Surrey

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If you are wondering what to do this August bank holiday weekend, then why not take a look at our list of ‘Things to do in our London / Surrey Parks’.    We provide a choice of Pistachios in the Park cafes, set in the beautiful and natural surroundings of nine parks to visit, across London and Surrey in the South, East of England.

Ideas for ‘Things To Do’ in our London / Surrey Parks

Organise a Sports Afternoon

Gather your family and friends together for a fun filled afternoon of sports activities!  Organise a game of rounder’s or football, alternatively if you have some kit such as hula hoops, bean bags and balls, then go all out and run a multi sports day to include a variety of sports inspired games.  Several of our parks expand many acres of land, which means there’s enough space for all our visitors, so find yourselves a nice spot and set up for the day.

Reading Outdoors

There is something really magical about reading outdoors. The natural light and sights and sounds surrounding you can really help to lift your mood and allow you to lose yourself in a good book.  Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee from one of our Pistachios in the Park cafes and find a relaxing area of the park to enjoy your novel.

Why not bring your children and their books too? Children have a great imagination and love being read to.  Telling a story is a really good way to get them to look and read words again (especially if they have been distracted with other activities over the holidays).  Pop into the local library and pick up a book on route to one of our Pistachio’s in the Park, park locations and then settle down for a story; reading outdoors will allow them to bring the characters to life.

Get Creative

We have an expanse of nature throughout our London and Surrey parks, from the magnificent trees to pretty flowers, fascinating animals and interesting insects.  Take some papers and pencils or even grab the paints and pick a spot to draw and colour something that you see.  Not only will you find it relaxing but you will also notice so much more about your surroundings.

Build a Bug House

Building a bug house captures the imagination of children of all ages and really is a fun thing to do.  Throughout our London and Surrey parks, look for sticks, leaves, bits of bark, hollow stems and stones.  You can take your found items home and using wooden pallets or an old container such as a flower pot, add your collected items to build a bug house.  Find out more at: https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/actions/how-build-bug-mansion


Meet for a drink or a bite to eat

Meet family and friends at one of our Pistachios in the Park cafes and treat yourself to a drink and a bite to eat.  All of our food is home cooked and freshly made using local ingredients where possible.  Catering for all food requirements, we offer snacks and meals to suit vegetarian and vegan, gluten free and other dietary requirements.  Our friendly staff is on hand to help, so please pop in and enjoy a treat.

For more information on Pistachios in the Park or to find our individual park and café locations across London and Surrey, please see our website for more details.