Father’s Day 2019 with Pistachios in the Park

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This Sunday 16th June our team at Pistachios in the Park will be celebrating Father’s Day 2019 and what better way to dedicate the day to our special dads, than to encourage everyone to make some time for them and celebrate together.

Whether its sending a card, buying or making a present, taking them out for a walk or a meal or just enjoying some special one to one time together, whatever your plans it is a personal  moment to treat them and say thank you.

Dad facts

  • Father’s Day is originally thought to be linked to the Pagan sun of worship. Some branches of Paganism recognise the sun as the Father of the universe, since Fathers Day always falls around the same time as the summer solstice.
  • Although there is no evidence of its origin, the word “Dad” is believed to date back to early sixteenth century.
  • In the last 20 years the father’s role has changed to become far more nurturing rather than disciplinary. Dads have become actively more involved with their children’s hobbies and interests, with a more hands on approach than those of our own fathers and grand fathers.
  • In 2017, 232,000 dads opted out of the workplace in preference of being a stay at home dad.

Treat your dad this Father’s Day 2019

Looking to treat your dad this Father’s Day 2019? Then why not invite him out to lunch at one of our fabulous Pistachios in the Park cafes or take a stroll in one of our beautiful London and surrey parks followed by a nice cup of coffee or tea or a mouthwatering flavoured ice cream.  At Pistachios in the Park we aim to please by catering for all food tastes and dietary requirements, so please pop in and say hello, you will be warmly welcomed.

Happy Father’s Day!

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