What is litter doing to our parks and hedgerows?

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David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series had a remarkable affect on viewers across the UK when his programme really brought home the harmful effects of our global consumption especially in our use of plastic and the impact that it is having on wildlife.

Up to that point we may have seen rubbish lying on our streets and floating in our oceans but perhaps never gave too much thought to its environmental impact, other than maybe thinking that it looked unsightly.

Since then many councils and local campaigners across the UK have sought to join forces and promote ideas in tackling the problem to improve the future of the natural world, which is not only having an impact on our oceans but also much closer to home in our parks and hedgerows throughout both rural and urban city areas.

In a recent article in the East Anglian daily Times – Animals affected by waste plastic is on the rise in the east of England.  A spokeswoman from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust confirmed, “These green spaces are critical for wildlife and litter is an additional hazard on top of many threats even our most common species are facing. Hedgehogs can become stuck in elastic bands, shrews stuck in plastic bottles and birds tangled in fishing line.” Suffolk Wildlife Trust reiterated that more needs to be done to reduce the impact that our litter waste is having on animal life.

And so this month and more closer to home, here at Pistachio’s in the Park we are advocating the hard work and education that is being carried out throughout Surrey and London by local environmental groups who are looking to protect our environment.

With this in mind, here are just a few ideas that you, your children, family and friends could also get involved with to protect and improve our parks and the natural environment.  After all it is there for us all to enjoy and so we must protect it for enjoyment for the future.

Top tips for helping the wildlife and minimising litter

  1. Take your litter home or put it in a waste bin
  2. Replace buying one off use plastic water bottles with refillable bottles
  3. Make your own picnics in re-usable containers
  4. Wrap your sandwiches in paper bags rather than cling film or foil
  5. Recycle and re-use where possible
  6. Litter picking at your local park is a great way to get people to think about litter and its impact on the environment; litter picking together will certainly spark conversation! You can find out how to stay safe when litter picking by following this guide from the Surrey Wildlife Trust – https://www.surreywildlifetrust.org/actions/pick-litter

Most of all enjoy our Surrey and London parks and have fun spending time outdoors this May. Pop into our Pistachio’s in Park cafes for a relaxing drink and enjoy a bite to eat, or grab an ice cream from our range of magnificent flavours. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about how you are helping to improve our parks and the local environment.


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