Happy New Year to all our customers, park visitors and associates!

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January is always a great month to focus on the outdoors, especially after the indulgence of Christmas and this year is no different!

Whether you have set new goals to do more exercise, have thought about taking up a new outdoor hobby or just want to enjoy the fresh air on your own or with family and friends, Pistachio’s in the Park cafes and our surrounding parks offer a wonderful outdoor experience.

According to last year’s article on the .gov.uk website – People are spending more time outside in the natural environment than ever before, “The proportion of adults visiting nature at least once a week has increased from 54 per cent in 2010 to 62 per cent in 2018”.

This is a fascinating fact, considering there is so often a greater focus on the negatives of too much screen time in the press and media. So maybe we are becoming more conscious of our outdoor space and its beauty, whilst many people are appreciating the benefits and the satisfaction it can bring in contrast to our busy lives.

To help clear your mind and start the year on the right foot, this month we are encouraging everyone to visit one of our local parks to enjoy the great outdoors as well as dropping into our Pistachios in the Park cafes.  Whether it’s a visit to your nearest park or a trip to discover a new and different park, our locations are wonderful for a quick 10 minute brisk walk or to spend the duration of the day.

We offer lots of choice in terms of home cooked food and beverages, we provide something to suit all of our visitor’s food appetites including children’s, vegetarian and vegan options too.  To find out more please visit our website or see our café pages and have a great day out!