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The joy of Autumn time in our local parks

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Walking helps to “improve well being and helps fight stress and depression, according to the Ramblers Association.  So, this month, here at Pistachios in the Park we are encouraging local residents and visitors to wrap up warm, put on the wellies, step out into the fresh air and enjoy one of our local parks in London and Surrey.

Autumn is one of our most colourful seasons on the UK calendar, as the leaves change on the trees, exhibiting a spray of warm beautiful colour tones.  So here are some suggestions for things to do whilst visiting one of our local parks that will help you to feel rejuvenated.

Things to do in our local parks

  1. Spot the trees – This is great to do with young ones whilst out and about. Take photos of the different trees or draw them. Collect their leaves and take them home to make a picture. You can look up different UK tree species at:
  2. Plan a walkLondon is the greenest major city in Europe and the third greenest city of its size in the world, according to a report commissioned by the City of London Corporation. Walking is free, it helps you to feel fitter and reduces health problems. Take a walk on your own or with friends and family and explore paths and routes that you might not have previously discovered.
  3. Feed the ducks – Our Pistachios in the Park cafes sell duck food which is healthy for the ducks and is environmentally friendly. So why not pop in to one of our cafes and buy a bag. The ducks and birds will really enjoy the food, especially as we move into the Winter season.
  4. Drop in for a warm drink or some food – Our London and Surrey park cafes provide a food menu that is wide in choice and caters for all diners, not forgetting their warm and friendly atmosphere. Warm up with some homemade soup or enjoy a nice piece of cake and a cuppa.

For more information on our local parks and cafes and to enjoy the outdoors, please see our local London and Surrey café pages for more details or pop in if you are nearby, you will always be welcome.

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