A massive thank you!

hello, I would like to say a massive thank you to your Palewell Common branch for keeping my lost mobile and returning it to me. I had lost it while walking my dog ‘alfie ‘, some-one had handed it in to your cafe and when I decided,on the off chance’ to ask at the cafe, there it was!!

So many thanks and also thanks for the wonderful welsh rarebit I had last week!!

Jon Isherwood

Markfield Park Cafe, a new community hub

One of our newest ventures takes the form of Pistachios in the Park, Markfield Park. This relatively new Cafe came about through the regeneration of Markfield Park thanks to lottery funding.

Situated on the River Lea, this cafe is perfect for pit stops on long bike rides as it is situated on the River Lea cycle route.

Recently the cafe changed management, it is now managed by Abed (otherwise known as Bud), Sonia his lovely wife and their Baby Girl. They love the family feel in Markfield park and are working closely with The Friends of Markfield Park committee to organise community events and help build community relations.

We thought we would share with you a brilliant piece from the Haringey Press, take a look!



Eileen Squires – Park User

I visit the park every afternoon for a leisurely stroll with a friend of mine. The park has changed dramatically over the years with the café being the main reason. The staff and the concept have brought the community closer. I now have frequent chats with other park users and enjoy conversation over a cup of coffee in the café. I would like to say thank you to the owners and staff for making what was a plain walk, into a place for my exercise and new social network.’

Martin Hyde – Parks Regeneration Manager

“Manor House Gardens in Lee, is Lewisham’s most prestigious park, the central hub of which is Pistachio’s in the Park.This thriving café, come visitor attraction, plays an important role in the daily life of the park.The owners of Pistachio’s have transformed the menu providing a quality bistro style service which operates throughout the year come rain or shine.The café has helped evolve a number of additional attractions including the monthly farmers markets, summer events and activities such as the successful al-fresco theatre in the park.From a Council perspective Pistachio’s has been most important in offering a visitor experience at Manor House Gardens, users visit the park to go to the café, and vice versa.I would recommend Pistachio’s to any perspective employer as a quality provider of catering and customer care”.

David Glencorse Reporter/Presenter – ITV Newsgroup

I have lived in Blackheath/Lewisham for more than 18 years and often visit Manor Park Gardens. Over the past 4 years my family and I have paid frequent visits to the café in the park. I must say that since the café was taken over by Mr. Djemil, it, and the park has improved by leaps and bounds – so much so that it is fair to say that the ‘enhanced’ and modernised café has been the catalyst for a dramatic change in the use of the park by locals and people living further afield. The café has become extremely popular to such an extent that they now form the real ‘hub’ of the community in these environs. Mr. Djemil has to be congratulated for his sterling efforts in affecting such a welcome and abiding change to this part of the locality.’

Bridget Prentice – MP for Lewsham East

I write in full support of Aysin and his team at Pistachios in the Park. They have created a wonderful, relaxed café which welcomes young and old alike. As a result of their efforts the park has been transformed and the feeling of ownership and responsibility for this green space is held by all.
The standard and variety of food is outstanding and is available in all weathers and all seasons. We consider ourselves very lucky indeed to have such a committed person running this outlet.
As an elected representative, I have had experience of park cafes in the past and know how difficult it is to run them as a business while offering the choices people want at the times people want. Aysin has achieved this beyond question. His manner and that of the staff ensure that everyone feels part of this excellent community facility.It is an example that others would do well to follow.