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What’s On at Red Lion Square

Halloween at Pistachio’s in the Park

480 320 Moira

Here at Pistachios’ in the Park, we always love this time of year.  The food, drinks, dressing up and activities make Halloween and autumn so special. If you are looking for something to do this season or would like to get involved with a Halloween activity, then please enjoy the parks and pop into our cafes. You…

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Our Red Lion Square Cafe is Open!

480 270 Moira

Can you believe it? All that hot weather and we open up our new cafe in Red Lion Square in Holbon it’s raining. Well at least it’s weather proofed 👍😊 Find us at: http://pistachiosinthepark.org.uk/2018/07/18/new-store-pistachios-park/  

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