About Us

A Bit of History!

Pistachios opened its doors in 2000 and after years of perfection, the feedback that we have received is that Pistachios in the park’ cafe’ is a place where you can get great non-greasy café food that is “Jamie Oliver friendly” and home made cakes that are freshly scrumptious and not forgetting the healthy organic selection of food for babies. It is on the back of this strength that we have seen such consistent growth.

Something for everyone

Pistachios in the park’s aim is to revive community interest and use of parks and open green spaces within a safe, family-oriented environment.

At Pistachios in the park, we do not believe in excluding anyone, we have something for everyone. While our focus has not strayed from great healthy café food – we have listened to our guests and introduced “Truuly scrumptious organic baby food limited” which has won many awards, two of them being organic food awards of 2002 and 2004.

And there is more!………….

You will come across a wonderful fresh range of free range and organic produces; club sandwiches, baguettes, kids beans on toast, Scrambled eggs, crepes (savoury & sweet), hot beverages (Fair trade), cold drinks, home-made cakes and handmade fresh cream ice cream, traditional old fashion loose sweets and also introducing smoothies to name a few.

The difference with a Pistachios in the park cafe experience is that you can be sure that your food is healthy, fresh food that is prepared on site by a member of the Pistachios in the park team.

Not forgetting!………

Because we are a company that has local communities and families in mind we have hand-made high quality wooden toys for children of all ages. All our products are made of reforested wood; this means that we and the customer can actively help the Primeval Forests.

Our Team

Aysin Djemil – Operations Manager – Aysin started catering in 1983 in Greenwich. Owned a delicatessen and moved into central Greenwich in 1987 where he opened his first coffee bar (Pistachios), which was featured in Time Out & Cosmopolitan Magazine. In 1993 he opened a second venture in Blackheath Village which included a restaurant/Jazz & Blues bar. Due to opening a third venture in Canterbury, he pulled out and sold businesses due to illness in family. In 2001 he setup Pistachios in the Park with Karen (his wife) that continues to become more and more popular within the local areas. Aysin holds a Level 2 award in food safety in Catering

Contact email: aysin@pistachiosinthepark.org.uk


Karen Nicholls–PR/HS Manager – Karen brings 3 years of Health & Safety, experience including nursing. Having worked as a youth leader for 7 years within the community her role included PR management & functionality. It is envisaged that her considerable networking and communication skills will be instrumental to the success of Public Relations functions for Pistachios in the Park.

Contact email: karenatpistachiosinthepark@yahoo.co.uk








Well, let us take some time to explain everything, including; who we work with (partnerships), why we do it, why we are so successful and how we have got to our concept. We have successfully managed to set up and run a permanent and well-established coffee / retail shop at Manor House Gardens. The venture, known as ‘Pistachios in the Park’, provides non-greasy food that is “Jamie Oliver friendly” – chips, burgers and other similar unhealthy food are not served. We also sell “Wooden Trains..” Educational wooden toys that are made from reforested wood and EC regulated, all our wooden toys aid in Motor Skills, Coordination, etc, incorporated in play. The cafe experiences continual support from the local community and the user groups. It is run in partnership with Glendale and Lewisham Local Authority. In addition to normal day-to-day running of the cafe, we liaise with the local community to support activities taking place in the park throughout the year which enable the business to be involved in providing food and snacks for those using the park. Examples of activities that we successfully organise include Farmers’ Food markets, annual organised picnics and theme parties for events such as Halloween.









We are currently engaged in projects with Lewisham, Greenwich, Haringey, Reigate-Banstead council and Glendale Management to enhance the use of Parks and Open Green Spaces within the boroughs through the provisions of catering services. Pistachios in the Park’s aim is to revive community interest and use of parks and open green spaces within a safe,family-oriented environment.

Manor House Gardens Tel: 07766221825

Email: aysin@pistachiosinthepark.org.uk