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Free hot drink refills at Palewell Common!

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We are delighted to announce that Pistachios in the Park Palewell Common has launched a range of ‘Ecocoffee cups’, a new generation of reusable coffee cups which are made from the world’s fastest growing, most sustainable crop, bamboo fibre which is BPH and phthalate free.
The whole issue of single use coffee cups is very topical at the moment, with daily debates in parliament and on numerous media channels which is not surprising considering the UK uses over 7 million disposable coffee cups every day.
Anthony and the team at Palewell and doing their bit to help the environment and customers can also benefit with a special Valentine’s time limited offer.
Every Pistachios in the Park customer who buys an Ecocoffee Cup at the café priced £6 will enjoy free hot drink refills for the month of February.    That’s a great offer and definitely one that’s too good to miss!

Jane Newick

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